Industrial and systems engineering

Cellular manufacturing system selection with multi-lean measures using optimization and simulation

Claudia Cristina Bocanegra-Herrera, MSc, Juan Pablo Orejuela-Cabrera, MSc

7 - 25

Kinematic analysis of an electric stair-climbing wheelchair

Giuseppe Quaglia, PhD, Walter Franco, PhD, Matteo Nisi, MSc

27 - 48

Estimation of a growth factor to achieve scalable ad hoc networks

Juan Pablo Ospina-López, MSc, Jorge Eduardo Ortiz-Triviño, PhD

49 - 70

Electrical and computer engineering

IP remote control system for a lighting layout

María Alejandra Clavijo-Camargo, BSc, Nicolás Enrique Herrera-Aguilar, BSc, Adriana Marcela Vega-Escobar, MSc, Alvaro Espinel-Ortega, PhD

97 - 114

Bioengineering and chemical engineering

Thermal and Permeability Properties of Metal Aluminum Foams for Functional Applications

Patricia Fernández-Morales, PhD, Carlos Alberto Cano-Montoya, MSc, Jesús Alberto Pérez-Mesa, MSc, María Ángeles Navacerrada, PhD

115 - 130

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