Patricia Fernández-Morales http://orcid.org/0000-0003-2344-1418

Carlos Alberto Cano-Montoya

Jesús Alberto Pérez-Mesa

María Ángeles Navacerrada


Objective: to determine the coefficients of permeabilityand thermal conductivity of aluminum metal foams,thermal transference and pressure drop tests were carriedout. Methods: metal foam samples measuring 50 mm indiameter and 20 mm in thickness with pore sizes rangingbetween 0.5 and 2.0 mm were used for both tests. Anadaptation in a fluid flow system was made to perform thepressure drop tests, and Darcy’s law was used to calculatethe permeability values. A thermal box test and Fourier’slaw were used to obtain the conductivity coefficients.Results: the results showed that the pore size has animportant influence on the values of permeability andthermal conductivity. Finally, the results were comparedwith those reported by other researchers and were foundto be consistent with those found in previous work. Conclusions:our interest is to enhance knowledge regardingaluminum metal foams and show their potential use inapplications that involve fluid flow and heat transfer.


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Fernández-Morales, P., Cano-Montoya, C., Pérez-Mesa, J., & Navacerrada, M. (2016). Thermal and Permeability Properties of Metal Aluminum Foams for Functional Applications1. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 21(1), 115 - 130. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu21-1.tppm
Bioengineering and chemical engineering
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