María Alejandra Clavijo

Nicolás Enrique Herrera Aguilar

Adriana Marcela Vega Escobar

Alvaro Espinel Ortega


Introduction: This paper presents a monitoring andcontrol system prototype using the internet protocol (IP)for a residential lighting layout. The prototype aims todevelop energy efficiency processes by reducing electricenergy consumption without decreasing user comfortand quality of life. Methods: The system is based on aweb application to remotely turn the power on and off,which enables the monitoring of its consumption whilebeing grounded in a prospective analysis. The prototypehas hardware and software components. Results: Theprototype has hardware is implemented with the Arduino® platform, which enables the assignment of anIP address using an Ethernet Shield card. This addressprovides bidirectional communication possibilities. Thedevice is connected by a data acquisition system, whichis designed and constructed to measure energy consumptionfrom voltage and current measurements using anADE7763® integrated circuit and an ACS714® currentsensor. In this physical structure, a web application hasbeen developed to monitor consumption and develop acontrol process with communication protocols throughpower line communication (PLC). Conclusions: The maincontributions of this investigation are grounded in the useof economics and small devices that will enable low-costenergy-efficient project development in both domesticand industrial electric installations.



advance meter infrastructure-AMI, supervision, monitoring and control system, power line communication-PLC, Internet of Things, energy efficiency

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Clavijo, M., Herrera Aguilar, N., Vega Escobar, A., & Espinel Ortega, A. (2016). IP remote control system for a lighting layout. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 21(1), 97 - 114. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu21-1.iprc
Electrical and computer engineering
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