Christian Felipe Ramirez Acosta

Diego Alegandro Patiño Guevara

Carlos Eduardo Cotrino


This paper presents a methodology for identifying a system of interacting tanks that follows a non-linear behavior as a dynamic hybrid system (DHS) based on the method for identifying non-linear systems known as bounded error approach. Having identified this tank system as a DHS, it is represented through state variables to apply a commuted state feedback control law in order to find a multiple Lyapunov function, which would allow us to guarantee the stability of the identified commuted system.



Dynamic hybrid systems, identification, non-linear systems, multiple Lyapunov functions

How to Cite
Ramirez Acosta, C., Patiño Guevara, D., & Cotrino, C. (2013). Control in a System of Non-Linear Interacting Tanks from the Perspective of Dynamic Hybrid Systems. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 17(1), 143-166. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu17-1.csni
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