Luis David Duran Lerma

Yesid Aguilar Castro

Oscar Hernandez Perez

Renzo Victoria Prado

Gonzalo Fernando Casanova Garcia


This paper evaluated the effect of the welding deposits geometry in the wear of sugar cane rolls made of steel, coated with a layer of stainless steeland high-chromium white cast iron nuggets. A prototype was built which allows the simulation of the tribological pair steel-bagasse, mineral particles found in sugar cane mills. In terms of deposit geometry we evaluated radialnuggets varying the distance between them (step) and its inclination angle(B). As the secondary mineral we used silica with an AFS grain fineness number of 50/70. The wear was measuredas the loss in specimen weight loss. We used scanning electron microscopy to analyze the worn surfaces. We found that a wear increased swiftly at the beginning of the process and tended to become constant constant as friction increases throughout the trajectory.We determined that geometry influences corrosion. The corrosion mechanisms found on the surfaces were plastic micro deformation or ploughing, and micro cut or cutting, generated by the silica particles.



Corrosion, sugarcane mills, corrosion mechanisms, weld deposits, sugarcane rolls

How to Cite
Duran Lerma, L., Aguilar Castro, Y., Hernandez Perez, O., Victoria Prado, R., & Casanova Garcia, G. (2013). Effect of the Coating Welding Geometry on the Wear of Low Carbon Steel in Contact with Sugarcane Bagasse. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 17(1), 127-144. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu17-1.ecwg
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