Pedro Pablo Liévano Torres

John Michael Espinosa Duran

Jaime Velasco Medina


Digital audio effects are generally implemented in software using DSP or PC; never theless, some implementation susing dedicated hardware are currently being considered. This paper presents the implementation in hardware of fifteen algorithms for the real-time processing of digital audio effects with sampling rates upto 100.88 MSPS and high-fidelity. Designs were simulated using DSP Builder and were synthesized in the FPGA EP2C70F896C6. The hardware verification tests of the implemente deffects show that the designed blocks can be used as IP cores for the design of a multi effects processor embeddedin a SoC.



Digital audio effects, embedded systems, DSP, dynamic domains processing

How to Cite
Liévano Torres, P., Espinosa Duran, J., & Velasco Medina, J. (2013). Algorithm Implementation in High-Fidelity Digital Audio Effects Using Programmable Hardware. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 17(1), 93-108. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu17-1.aihd
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