Published Dec 28, 2002

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Martha Helena Carrillo-Ramírez, MSc

Giovanna Rosa Fiorillo-Obando, MSc

Rafael Guillermo García-Cáceres, MSc



The homogenization of quelity and productivity on the part of free market suppliers along with the globelizetion of the economy, have forced companies to seek competitive advantages in other cost areas that ha vehistorically been overlooked. Tbis tendency has contributed to recent developments in the management of supply chains. There is abundant literature concemtng the characteristics and logistic developments needed in order to establish a supply chain, the competitive benefits arising fram its consolidation and analysis of tts workings. However, there is a paucity of literature deeltng with the implementation and development of supply chains. This paper represents a step forward in this area with respect to manufacturmg companies and opens up newpossibilities for future research around the management of a supply chain.


Modelo analítico, cadena de abastecimiento, calidad, productividad, logísticaquality, productivity

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Carrillo-Ramírez, M. H., Fiorillo-Obando, G. R., & García-Cáceres, R. G. (2002). Modelo analítico para el estudio de una cadena de abastecimiento. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 6(2), 119–135. Retrieved from