Published Nov 28, 1999

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Camilo Villareal, MSc

Jorge Enrique Jiménez



The Distributed Object Technologies CORBA and DCOM have gained great success in the market and have been positioned as the most accepted models for integration of distributed applications constructed on traditionally incompatible platforms and programming languages, allowing for a better use of resources and leveraging efficiency of information systems. However, incompatibility between these two environments, restricts interoperability between distributed applications considering that information systems coexisting in both worlds are more commonly found these days. In this paper, a model is proposed to allow interconnection of applications that belong to the two difierent environments.

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Villareal, C., & Jiménez, J. E. (1999). Un modelo de soporte a interoperabilidad de aplicaciones distribuidas sobre ambientes CORBA y DCOM. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 3(1-2), 47–53. Retrieved from

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