Published Oct 26, 2010

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Hilda Cristina Chaparro-López



Consulting technology companies have begun to understand the need to correctly identify the chains of value of the organization, with the purpose of redefine and harness these chains using information technologies. On the other hand, the e-business field is changing and new elements appear, that will be able to obtain in a near future a pure e-business; the key will be the integration of the organization’s extended value chains, not without making an integration of the internal ones. Web Services seem to be the possible solution for the integration of the value chains. This paper deals with the way in which this new technology can harness the business and generate competitive advantage in the organization. Two methodological guidelines are discussed: the first one in order to construct value chains and the second one in order to identify Web Services from these chains. The validation and conclusions of the proposed guidelines are also presented.


Web services, organizations, value chainweb services, organizaciones, cadena de valor

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