Published Oct 26, 2010

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Rafael Esteban Vásquez

Julio César Correa



In this article an introduction to the tensegrity systems is shown. It is also stated some definitions and the notation used for the elements of this kind of structures. The two morphologies more frequently used in the field of robotics and some applications used around the world are described: geodesic domes, tensegrity masts for space applications, tensegrity robot, sensors and actuators. The Automatic and Design research group (A+D), has accumulated important experience with this kind of systems. The group has developed projects, generated theories and proposed methodologies for the design and analysis of mobile applications based on tensegrity systems. The objective of these studies is to introduce this topic, which illustrates new alternatives for the robotics, in Colombia.


robótica, sistemas tenségricos, domóticaRobotics, tensegrity systems, domotics

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