Published Dec 7, 2015


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Sindy L. Ramirez-P, PhD

Carlos A. Lozano-Moncada, PhD



A power system is subject to disturbances that may lead to voltage stability problems, which eventually may lead to black-outs. On-line phasor measurements may allow anticipating situations leading to voltage instabilities; these on-line measurements can be accomplished by using Phasor Measurement Units – PMU. However, for a power system is not economical or necessary to install PMU at each bus; in order to avoid this situation, it is required to develop a strategy for PMU placement that is useful and convenient, with a limited number of available PMU. This paper presents a review and comparison of some methods for PMU placement in power systems; also, a classification according to the type of observability is done and the application of the method is considered. Finally, a method for monitoring voltage stability in power systems is chosen and it is tested on the IEEE39-bus system using Matlab-Power System Analysis Toolbox PSAT.


Phasor measurement unit (PMU), voltage stability, contingency, optimal PMU placement, Power SystemUnidad de Medición Fasorial (PMU), estabilidad de tensión, contingencia, óptima ubicación de PMU, Sistemas de Potencia

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