Published Oct 27, 2008

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Óscar Buitrago-Suescún

Víctor Zambrano-Gómez

Daniel Zambrano-Arroyo



This article shows the results of the first stage of the project Contingent Recovery under a University-Company-State Cooperation framework, sponsored by Colciencias and carried out by the University of Boyacá and the Colombian Factory for Auto Parts (FRACO S.A). This project seeks alternatives for re-usage of leftover metoplastic materials from the process of producing gaskets for engines. This phase of research deals with the manner of separating the components that form these materials, with reference to two of the products called FracoPlay and FracoPack. Extensive lab work was involved, guided by a well-planned statistical design in which the separation agents were tested at different conditions of concentration and temperature. The results obtained are satisfactory and allow the beginning of the development stage of new materials from the separated ones.


Materiales metaloplásticos, juntas de estanqueidad, materiales metaloplásticosMetoplastic materials, gaskets, metoplastic materials

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Buitrago-Suescún, Óscar, Zambrano-Gómez, V., & Zambrano-Arroyo, D. (2008). Designing a process for separating leftover metoplastic materials in the production of engine gaskets at FRACO S.A. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 12(2). Retrieved from