Published Oct 27, 2010


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John Alexander Posada-Duque, MSc

Carlos Ariel Cardona-Alzate, PhD



This work discusses a number of aspects related to glycerin-related production, market, and application in commercial products. Three main qualities of commercial glycerin are evaluated: raw glycerin (80-88 wt %), technical grade glycerin (98 wt %), and refined glycerin (USP or FCC, 99.7 wt %). Purification schemes for each glycerin quality are simulated. This study shows that, after purification process, it is possible to obtain methanol at 99 wt %, which can be recycled for biodiesel production. Simulation results show that the purifying glycerin to obtain different levels of purity can be economically feasible, and that market quality specifications can be reached as well.


Quality of glycerin, glycerin market, diesel fuelsCalidad de la glicerina, mercado de la glicerina, combustibles diésel

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