Publicado may 19, 2013

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Nelvia Victoria Lugo

Ricardo Celis Pacheco.

Sheila McNamee


The interview first addresses the relationship between social construction, communication and systems theory, amplifying their commonalities and disagreements. Then, we trace the influence of postmodernism and the Chicago School in the rise of social construction, two of the many influences for social construction. Finally, we speak about two key concepts for social construction: generative dialogue and relational responsibility. We explore the future of social construction and its evolution to relational construction.

Social construction, systems theory, generative dialogue, relational responsibility

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Lugo, N. V., Celis Pacheco., R., & McNamee, S. (2013). Emergence and Evolution of Social Constructionist Ideas: A Conversation with Sheila McNamee. Universitas Psychologica, 13(1), 381–390. Recuperado a partir de