Industrial and systems engineering

A Strategy for Prioritizing Electronic Medical Records Using Structured Analysis and Natural Language Processing

Alexandra Pomares Quimbaya, Rafael A. Gonzalez, Oscar Muñoz, Olga Milena García, Wilson Ricardo Bohorquez

7 - 31

Agile Architecture in Action (AGATA)

Luis Freddy Muñoz, Julio Ariel Hurado, Francisco Javier Álvarez

33 - 51


53 - 76

Strategic planning of biodiesel supply chain

Rafael Guillermo García Cáceres

Kaizen events: an assessment of their impact on the socio-technical system of a Mexican company

Judith Cavazos Arroyo, Aurora Irma Máynez-Guaderrama, Leticia Valles-Monge

97 - 115

Bioengineering and chemical engineering