Published Mar 15, 2011


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César Augusto Quinayás-Burgos, MSc

Mariela Muñoz-Añasco, BSc

Óscar Andrés Vivas-Albán, PhD

Carlos Alberto Gaviria-López, PhD



This article shows the steps followed in the design and construction of the prosthetic right hand UC-1. This device was designed based on a tree structure: three fingers with a range of three degrees for each finger. The operation and control of the prosthesis was tested in simulation, and then a prototype of a multi-articulated finger was designed and built. It was small and compact, and could be easily integrated into a palm structure in order to make a polymorphic hand. After the validated finger was completed, three finger prostheses were built. Analog Hall and force sensors were added to provide sensitivity to the hand, as well as a DSP control system which was managed through Labview®. The goal is to obtain a first prototype that can offer a functional solution to hand amputees, offering a number of grasping movements, as well as cylindrical, spherical, lateral and hook grasping.


Prosthetic hand, robotic hand, anthropomorphic fingerPrótesis de mano, mano robótica, robótica de rehabilitación, dedo antropomorfo

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Quinayás-Burgos, C. A., Muñoz-Añasco, M., Vivas-Albán, Óscar A., & Gaviria-López, C. A. (2011). Design and construction of the robotic hand prosthesis UC-1. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 14(2), 223.

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