Published Mar 16, 2015


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Diego Enrique Guzmán-Villamarín, BSc

Oscar Andres Vivas-Alban, PhD



This article presents the development of a software tool forthe practice on virtual robotic surgery. The tool is calledRoboSurgery and it was designed for engineers that needtraining on how to use laparoscopic surgical robots. Thetool contains two types of robots: an endoscopic holderrobot (Hibou robot), and two surgical robots (LapBot robot),all of them handled by joystick. The system allowsthe observation of the inside of the abdominal cavity of thepatient by a virtual image generated by the endoscopicholder camera, while the two surgical robots work ona virtual cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder).Results show a useful system to help understand theoperation of laparoscopic robot-assisted procedures, accordingto the evaluation made by a group of studentsand teachers. In the future this tool could include moresurgical robots and more surgical procedures, as well asmore realism including body deformation algorithms.


Robótica quirúrgica, operaciones de laparoscopia, entrenamiento quirúrgico por computador.Surgical robots, laparoscopic surgery, surgical training

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