Published May 23, 2012


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Andrés Mauricio López-Cañón, BSc

Rafael Fernando Diez-Medina, PhD

Gabriel Perilla-Galindo, MSc

Diego Alejandro Patiño-Guevara, PhD



This article analyzes and designs a ladder multilevel converter topology for a high voltage application (3000 V). This converter is compared to other well-known structures called Flying Capacitors showing its simplicity for implementation and control. In addition, an analysis of the voltaje drop of the ladder topology is carried out as a function of the number of cells and of the load current. Furthermore, the converter is implemented and successfully achieves 3000 V, 100 mA. The theoretical analysis is validated by the results. The converter is tested with two different types of capacitors in order to determine which one offers a better performance.


Power electronics, semiconductors, DC/DC converter, electric current convertersElectrónica de potencia, semiconductores, conversores DC/DC, convertidores de corriente eléctrica

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López-Cañón, A. M., Diez-Medina, R. F., Perilla-Galindo, G., & Patiño-Guevara, D. A. (2012). High voltage DC/DC multilevel converter in ladder topology. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 16(1), 117.

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