Published Oct 26, 2010

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Abdel Karim Hay-Harb

Gabriel Perilla-Galindo

Fredy Orlando Ruiz

Carlos Eduardo Cotrin-Badillo



A small signal equivalent circuit for a single phase rectifier in half bridge configuration, with power factor close to one is developed. From this representation an equation for the input current is presented in terms of the line voltage and the duty cycle. The frequency response is obtained for both a continuous and a discrete controller of the proportional plus integral type. The values of the total harmonic distortion and the power factor obtained from the simulation of the discrete case are compared with the implementation of a circuit based on a DSP.


Rectifier, power factor, unity power factor, half bridge, DSP, Transfer function, equivalent circuitrectificador, factor de potencia unitario, medio puente, DSP, función de transferencia, circuito equivalente

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Hay-Harb, A. K., Perilla-Galindo , G., Ruiz, F. O., & Cotrin-Badillo, C. E. (2010). Función de transferencia para un rectificador con factor de potencia unitario, en configuración de medio puente, controlado por DSP. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 9(1). Retrieved from

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