Published Oct 12, 2021


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Hernan Dario Bolaños, Msc

Francisco Botero, PhD



Objective: Identify and characterize subsynchronous hydrodynamics phenomena in a low specific speed centrifugal pump based on its four-quadrant characteristic curve. Materials: A 1.5 HP ITT Goulds pump instrumented with pressure transductors, an accelerometer, a torque sensor and a tachometer. Flow rate measurement was done with an ultrasonic transit time clamp-on flow meter. Methods: Time and frequency domain analysis with phase analysis were used to identify spectral components linked to hydrodynamic phenomena such as rotating stall and surge. Results and discussion: This work approaches an alternative method to calculate the phase angle using pressure signals without filtering. Related with hydrodynamic phenomena, the evidence collected suggests the presence of rotating stall in some operation points of the four-quadrant characteristic curve. Furthermore, in the third quadrant, rotating stall coexist with surge. Conclusions: The instrumentation and methods regarded in this work allow to collect evidence to identify in-phase and out of phase subsynchronous hydrodynamic phenomena. The classic cross-correlation-based method was improved to ease the diagnosis of subsynchronous phenomena by visual inspection. A new quantitative approach was introduced to detect subsynchronous phenomena, based on the Fourier analysis; it was validated with a case study for which the classical method was not suitable.


Phase analysis, spectral analysis, subsynchronous phenomena, surge, rotating stallanálisis de fase, análisis espectral, fenómenos subsincrónicos, surge, rotating stall

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