Industrial and systems engineering

Non-invasive detection of vortex street cavitation

Adriana Castro-Peralta, MSc, Francisco Botero, PhD

Bioengineering and chemical engineering

Production and characterization of the mechanical and thermal properties of expanded polystyrene with recycled material

Gina Paola Barrera-Castro, MSc, Luz Marina Ocampo-Carmona, PhD, John Jairo Olaya-Florez, PhD

Electrical and computer engineering

Real-time estimation of some thermodynamics properties puring a microwave heating process

Edgar Garcia-Morantes, MSc, Ivan Amaya-Contreras, PhD, Rodrigo Correa-Cely, PhD

Effects of incentives for renewable energy in Colombia

Fernando Villada-Duque, PhD, Jesus Maria Lopez-Lezama, PhD, Nicolas Muñoz-Galeano, PhD

A sparsity-based approach for spectral image target detection from compressive measurements acquired by the CASSI architecture

David Alberto Boada-supelano, BSc, Héctor Miguel Vargas-Garcia, BSc, Jaime Octavio Albarracín-Ferreira, PhD, Henry Arguello-Fuentes, PhD

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