Published Dec 28, 2003

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Alberto Silva-Rueda, MSc



This introductory document to the concepts of Lean Manufacturing tries to describe the main definitions of the fundamental principles of the philosophy as well as a concrete description of the tools that have created since 1990 a new way of analyzing and improving productive processes. It describes how, starting from a value stream of a process, the variables which do not constitute that true value are identified, and from there, the path for applying not necessarily Brand new instruments but indeed, proven and efficient tools used, isolated perhaps, since Henry Ford. The document also defines the broad aspects of the methodological pattern that has to be developed to eliminate all the waste Muda found in the previous analysis. Finally, it is showed how the Colombian industry has applied some aspects ofthe philosophy indicating that even if the origin is Japanese, it is replicable with success with the appropriate adjustment.


manufactura esbelta, productividad, procesos productivos, ingeniería industriallean manufacturing, productivity, productive processes, industrial engineering

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