Published Dec 28, 2002

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David García, BSc

Fabian Ortiz, BSc

German Chavarro, MSc



We oifer the results of a researeh projeet developed in the Systems Engineering Department of the Pontificía Universidad Javeriana. By studying the different aspeets ofbusiness to consumer (B2C) e-eommerce, a technical evaluation of models was deeided. Models are defined as the set of teehnological software tools that are needed to develop an e-commerce solution. The evaluation is supported by defined eriteria based on what is expeetedfrom a service ofthis kind. Here we present the results of this study so that they ean be used as a guide that helps people to seleet an appropriate modelfor the implementation of a B2C e-eommerce service.

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García, D., Ortiz, F., & Chavarro, G. (2002). Comercio electrónico y modelos de desarrollo de soluciones. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 6(1), 49–57. Retrieved from

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