Published Dec 28, 2001

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Álvaro Duque S.J., BSc

Patricia Hernández, BSc

Fernando Novoa

Enrique Ruiz, BSc



Among existing applications for Digital Signal Processing, the work done with video images and the use of servo-mechanisms tofacilitate feedback have become a new field known as Active Vision or Machine Vision. This paper describes the development of a low-cost system based on this technology that is highly functional and has several applications in the areas ofvigilance and security of rooms and spaces with low leuels of movement. Autonomous functions, such as following moving objects, recording images in digital format and controlling remote devices, are important aspects to be mentioned; the use of cutting-edge development tools and programming techniques is outstanding.

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Duque S.J., Álvaro, Hernández, P., Novoa, F., & Ruiz, E. (2001). Simulador de máquinas de post: matemática computacional como apoyo a la docencia. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 5(1-2), 25–34. Retrieved from

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