Published Dec 28, 2000

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Patricia Hernández, BSc

Álvaro Duque S.J., BSc

Nelson Urrego, BSc

Jorge García-Pabón, BSc



In this paper an introduction to the group theory is presented by means of the regular polygon symmetry conceptoA software developed in the Javeriana University, which allows the construction of the dihedric group tables of different order, the visualization of the graph and the simplification of words through an animated simulation on the graph is showed here.

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Hernández, P., Duque S.J., Álvaro, Urrego, N., & García-Pabón, J. (2000). Aplicación de la estructura de datos en la enseñanza de la teoría de grupos. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 4(1), 36–45. Retrieved from