Published Oct 26, 2010

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Caori Patricia Takeuchi-Tam

César Emilio González



The chapter E-7 of the Colombian Seismic Design and Construction Code contemplates the construction of one or two floors houses using guadua or wood covered by cement mortar. However, the guadua is used as construction material in elements of trusses and frames for structures of roofs, bridges and buildings and there is not a design code that contemplates the guadua as structural material. In order to have design values in this matter, the research group GIES of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, has carried out studies about shear strength parallel to the fiber and tension strength perpendicular to the fiber. As continuation of those studies in the year 2006 those mechanical properties were determined conducting a wide number of tests with Guadua angustifolia from the Colombian departments of Quindío and Caldas. In this paper the results obtained in those test referred to the compression strength parallel to the fiber, the allowable value for compression strength under different load combinations and the elasticity module for the Guadua angustifolia are presented.


bamboo construction, strength of materials, compression testingbambú en la construcción, resistencia de materiales, ensayo de compresión de materiales


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