Published Oct 27, 2009

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Javier Bateman, BSc

Cristian Cortés, BSc

Pablo Cruz, BSc

Hernán Paz-Penagos, MSc



This article displays the development of a research project on the design of a proprietary RFID protocol for access control of personnel, visitors, and assets for any public, managerial, commercial or industrial installation. The technology RFID across the ISO standards 15693 (smart cards), ISO/IEC 14443 (proximity cards), ETSI TS 102.190, ISO/IEC 18092 and ECMA 340-V2 attempt to guarantee access safety without resorting to sophisticated devices or complex methods and at a relatively low implementation cost.


Radio frecuency identification systems, wireless communication systems, identification (control systems)Sistemas de identificación por radiofrecuencia, sistemas de comunicación inalámbrica, identificación (sistemas de control).

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Bateman, J., Cortés, C., Cruz, P., & Paz-Penagos, H. (2009). Design of a proprietary RFID protocol for a specific application. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 13(2). Retrieved from

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