Published Oct 27, 2010


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Gabriel Mauricio Zambrano-Rey, MSc

Carlos Eduardo Fúquene-Retamoso, MSc

Hugo Santiago Aguirre-Mayorga, MSc



This work proposes a new procedure for enhancing the monitoring of industrial processes in organizations with highly integrated systems. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) permit an effective integration between Enterprise Resource Planning software and Flexible Manufacturing Systems at the shop floor. Based on a previously-developed integration between these two systems, a MES layer-based procedure for Statistical Process Control (SPC) is developed. This piece of software solves problems such as connectivity, data acquisition and alarm-based data analysis based on both control specifications and limits and cause-analysis through decision trees. This work can be part of any process and does not require any additional MES software, which reduces costs and maintenance. This software was tested through an artificial-vision-based quality control station with mechanic parts automated through an FMS system.


ndustrial process control – statistics, flexible manufacturing systems, linear control systemsControl de procesos industriales, estadística, sistemas flexibles de manufactura, sistemas de control lineal

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Zambrano-Rey, G. M., Fúquene-Retamoso, C. E., & Aguirre-Mayorga, H. S. (2010). Application for statistic control of online processes as part of a flexible manufacturing system. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 14(1).

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