Published Oct 26, 2010

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Gabriel Mauricio Zambrano-Rey

Carlos Alberto Parra-Rodríguez

Martha Ruth Manrique-Torres

César Julio Bustacara-Medina



In this paper, the development, implementation, construction and validation of a quality control station targeted to the inspection and verification of fabrication qualities of machined parts, based on artificial vision and coupled to a computer integrated manufacturing system is presented. The system analyses the parts based on a template configured previously with a pattern. The template is applied later to each one of the images taken from the batch to be inspected. By taking into account the importance of metrology and quality control in manufacturing processes the main objective of this work was to provide the Laboratory of Industrial Automation with a measurement tool that allows inspection tasks to be executed during a process plan in a Computer Integrated Manufacturing System.


procesamiento digital de imágenes, metrología, control de calidad, sistemas flexibles de manufacturaDigital image processing, metrology, quality control, flexible manufacturing systems

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