Hugo Santiago Aguirre Mayorga

Julio Ernesto Carreño Vargas

Carlos Alberto Vega Mejía

Johanna Stella Castellanos Arias

Yorlemni Paola Hernandez Martinez


The aim of this paper is to evaluate differentapproaches for the integrationof an Enterprise Resource PlanningSystem (ERP) with a Business ProcessManagement System (BPMS). Theintegration approaches include a pointto point and a broker-based architecturethat was evaluated on a salesbusiness process implemented in theERP system SAP R/3® and the BPMSBizAgi Enterprise®. The results showthat the integration driven by a brokerprovides better performance, requiresless effort and increases flexibility.



BPMS, ERP, integration, SOA, web services, SAP, BizAgi, BPMN

How to Cite
Aguirre Mayorga, H., Carreño Vargas, J., Vega Mejía, C., Castellanos Arias, J., & Hernandez Martinez, Y. (2012). Evaluation of Integration Approaches between ERP and BPM Systems. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 16(2), 415. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu16-2.eiab
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