Bioengineering and chemical engineering

Control charts to establish and monitor proficiency in the detection of pulmonary B-lines with Point of Care Ultrasound

Sandra Patricia Usaquén-Perilla, MSc, Deliana Ropero-Rojas, PhD, Jaime Mosquera-Restrepo, PhD, Jonathan D. Kirsch, MD, Zachary P. Kaltenborn, MD; José Isidro García-Melo, PhD; Lyda Elena Osorio-Amaya, PhD

Electrical and computer engineering

IoT System for Monitoring of Workers at Height

Damián Camilo Martínez-Martínez, MSc, María Catalina Riaño-Jaramillo, MSc, Diego Mendez-Chaves, PhD, Alejandra González-Correal, PhD, Margarita Narducci-Marín, PhD

Civil and environmental engineering

Assessment of a Hot-Mix Asphalt Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate. Case of Study: High Temperature Climate

Hermes Ariel Vacca-Gamez, José Elvert Rubio-Tafur, Hernán Camilo Moreno-Chaparro, Hugo Alexander Rondon-Quintana

Engineering and education