Publicado mar 7, 2014


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Hugo Carrasco

Vicente Martínez-Tur

Jose María Peiró

Carolina Moliner

Carmen Ramis


In this study, emotional dissonance and service climate are related to
well-being at work through two independent corridors. To consider emotional dissonance and service climate, we designed a cross-level model where multilevel predictors (individual emotional dissonance and work-unit service climate) were related to individual levels of burnout and engagement. Using a sample of 512 employees working in 152 work-units, we confirmed the existence of a model where service climate is significantly related to burnout and engagement, beyond the role of emotional dissonance. The research concludes with a discussion of these results and future implications.

Burnout, clima de servicio, disonancia emocional, engagementBurnout, emotional dissonance, engagement, service climate

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Carrasco, H., Martínez-Tur, V., Peiró, J. M., Moliner, C., & Ramis, C. (2014). Linking Emotional Dissonance and Service Climate to Well-Being at Work: A Cross- Level Analysis. Universitas Psychologica, 13(3).