Publicado ago 17, 2013

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Diana Paola Pulido

Mónica María Novoa Gómez


The objective of this research was to determine the usefulness of a clinical formulation model (Muñoz-Gómez & Novoa, 2010), in two health-related issues: obesity and oncology. Seven cases were formulated using an A-B-S design. Results show similarities about the internal validity, in comparison with was reported in previous studies like Caycedo, Ballesteros-Gómez and Novoa (2008), Pachón and Novoa-Gomez (2009) and Muñoz and Novoa-Gomez (2010), showing the usefulness of this model and its application in a health context. Therefore, it is important to continue the replication of the model and extend the generalizability of the data in order to get the external validation of it.

Case Formulation, functional analysis, behavioral assessment, behavioral modelFormulación de caso, análisis funcional, evaluación conductual, modelo comportamental.

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Pulido, D. P., & Novoa Gómez, M. M. (2013). Clinical Case Formulation in a Context of Health. Universitas Psychologica, 13(1), 187–206. Recuperado a partir de