Bioengineering and chemical engineering

Electrical and computer engineering

Industrial and systems engineering

A A new genotype-phenotype genetic algorithm for the two-dimensional strip packing problem with rotation of 90°

Gustavo Gatica, PhD, Gonzalo Villagrán, MSc, Carlos Contreras-Bolton, MSc, Rodrigo Linfati, PhD, John Wilmer Escobar-Velásquez, PhD

Transportation engineering

Acceptability of implementing high occupancy vehicle lanes on the north highway in Bogota

Luis Gabriel Márquez-Díaz, MSc, Juan D. Aldana, BSc, Mauricio F. Prieto, BSc

Civil and environmental engineering

Self-supply as an alternative approach to water access in rural scattered regions: evidence from a rural microcatchment in Colombia

Isabel Dominguez-Rivera, PhD, Wilmar Torres-López, BSc, Inés Restrepo-Tarquino, PhD, Charlotte Patterson, PhD, John Gowing, MSc

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