Published Oct 26, 2010

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Jairo Rafael Montoya-Torres

Gloria Rodríguez-Verján

Liliana Merchá- Alba



Classical scheduling theory has traditionally considered the study and evaluation of scheduling algorithms based on the hypothesis of perfect advanced knowledge of the information needed to used in an off-line context. Recently, a great interest has been dedicated to the study of on-line scheduling algorithms, which make sequencing decision on real-time, knowing only the information about jobs already arrived at the decision time. This paper considers the problem of scheduling on-line jobs on a single machine environment, and studies the well-known SPT (Shortest Processing Time) and FIFO (First In, First Out) scheduling rules in an on-line context. The study of these two rules is first presented from the theoretic stand point by analyzing their worst-case competitiveness. Afterwards, the algorithms are compared from the practical point of view by a complete set of simulation experiments.


On line scheduling, dynamic algorithms, competitiveness of scheduling rulessecuenciación dinámica de tareas, algoritmos dinámicos, competitividad de reglas de secuenciación

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