Published Oct 26, 2010

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Germán Darío Castellanos

José Fernando Licero

Guillermo Teuta



The article deals about the design of a new service for the e-mail administration through voice, for any kind of mobile or fixed phone, and the discussion of the results obtained on the industrial prototype. This service is very innovative for Colombia and for the Latin American region, focused on marketing sectors like: high mobility executives, blind people, handicapped or one handed people and commercial services drivers.


telecomunicaciones, servicios de valor agregado, redes telefónicas, correo electrónicotelecommunications, value added services, phone networks, electronic mail

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Castellanos, G. D., Licero, J. F., & Teuta, G. (2010). Servicio de interacción con voz para correos electrónicos a través de redes móviles. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 10(2). Retrieved from

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