Published Mar 30, 2009

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Héctor Luis Muñoz-Fernández

Luis Ángel González-Mendoza

Darío Yesid Peña-Ballesteros



In the production and transportation of oil and gas there are many common problems of erosion-corrosion. The velocity of the flow and the drag of solid particles within the oil transported by pipelines are critical factors in the process of deterioration of low-carbon steels in the presence of CO2. In this research, tests of erosioncorrosion were performed in a cell with a dynamic system of rotating cylinder electrodes at speeds between 1 and 3 m / s, particle sizes between 300μm and 50μm at concentrations between 1 and 9% by weight. Techniques of direct current and alternating current were used to determine the corrosión rate under the conditions evaluated and determine the influence of the particles of sand and the speed of rotation on the corrosion rate of steel. A mathematical relation between the corrosion and system variables was calculated.


Electrochemical corrosión, steel scrapCorrosión electroquímica, análisis del acero

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Muñoz-Fernández, H. L., González-Mendoza, L. Ángel, & Peña-Ballesteros, D. Y. (2009). Evaluation of the corrosion-erosion rate on API 5L grade 65 steel in a brine-CO2-SiO2-mineral oil system, by electrochemical techniques. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 13(1). Retrieved from

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