Published Mar 16, 2011


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Diego Vanegas-Ardila, BSc

Karol Sebastián Barragán-Niño, BSc

Rodrigo Correa-Cely, PhD



This paper shows the comparison made between the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and the interval analysis optimization method for solving nonlinear-function optimization with equality and/or inequality constraints. The Interval analysis optimization method (IAO) was based on the one initially proposed by Ichida (1996). It was used to find the global optimum of a multimodal function with up to three variables, which is subject to equality and inequality constraints. It was found that the PSO algorithm was significantly faster for all functions, although its precision was limited. On the other hand, the IAO method was accurate in all cases, but took a considerably longer computational time.

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Vanegas-Ardila, D., Barragán-Niño, K. S., & Correa-Cely, R. (2011). Comparison between interval analysis and particle swarm optimization techniques for functions with restrictions. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 15(1), 47–60.