Published Oct 26, 2010

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Rómel Solis-Carcaño

Carlos Enrique Arcudia-Abad



In executing his duties an engineer must have intellectual, technical, and humanistic competencies. Within the humanistic competencies the ethical values play an important role. This work is a case study done in Mexico, its objective was to investigate the perception of the students about the development of their three types of competencies, and their values as well as their perceptions about the competencies and values of the engineers in service, either those that have been their professors, or those that practice the profession in other areas different of teaching. The study was exploratory and gathered the opinions of three types of students: those starting their studies of engineering, those ending their studies of engineering and those beginning a degree program. A questionnaire with scales was used, and the profiles of the perceptions of the competencies and the values were obtained. Accordingly to the results, the bachelor degree students seem not to have a clear perception that they are developing their competencies and values.


engineering education, competencies, valueseducación en ingeniería, competencias, valores

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