Publicado may 26, 2013

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José Carlos Sánchez García

Joan Boada-Grau

Aldo Javier Prizmic-Kuzmica

Brizeida Hernández-Sánchez


In the context of entrepreneurship, cognitive adaptability is a key competence. Thus, researchers in this field are making an effort to find instruments to measure this ability in a way that allows us to predict success in the context of enterprise creation or intention. We conducted a series of exploratory and confirmatory analyses of the cognitive adaptability scale (MAC), using a sample of Spanish (N = 494), in addition to the reliability and validity analyses. We found that a three-factor solution of the MAC best fit the data. The reliability coefficients of consistency were acceptable. The validity of the MAC was confirmed by its correlation with Need for Cognition (NFC). The NFC measures the degree to which individuals enjoy cognitive activity. The present study suggests that more studies are needed in different contexts that would allow the structure of cognitive adaptability to be validated, improved or modified.
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Sánchez García, J. C., Boada-Grau, J., Prizmic-Kuzmica, A. J., & Hernández-Sánchez, B. (2013). Pyschometric properties and the factor structure of the Spanish version of the cognitive adaptability(MAC) scale. Universitas Psychologica, 13(1), 311–320. Recuperado a partir de

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