Credits and Contents of Issue 70

Universitas Odontologica

Thematic Dossier

Comparison of the Biological Response Generated by Conventional and Self-Ligating Brackets

Liseth Wilches Buitrago, Adriana García, Lina Quintero, Alfonso De Los Reyes, Liliana Otero

RANKL and OPG Expression Levels in Tension Area of Teeth Subjected to Orthodontic Forces

Lenny Silvana Guerra Granja, Mayerling Marie López Chang, Evelyn Beatriz Olmedillo Vanegas, Guillermo Rubio García, Maria del Pilar Aranza Jiménez, Liliana Margarita Otero Mendoza

Maturation State of Cervical Vertebrae Bone in a Colombian Population with or without Cleft Lip and Palate

María Clara González Carrera, Claudia Marcela Martínez, Íngrid Mora Díaz, Gloria Rocío Bautista Mendoza, Sara Patricia Palmet Orozco

Facial Phenotypic Features and Fingerprints on Parents of Children with Non-Syndromic Cleft Lip and/or Palate as a Risk Factor for their Offspring

Sonia Rosenfeld, Andrea Esperanza Barreto Colmenares, Gabriela Alicia Herrera Landáez, Liliana Margarita Otero Mendoza, María Claudia Martínez Rueda

Clinical Detection of Major and Minor Craniofacial Abnormalities in Colombian School Population

Carolina Téllez Conti, Lina María Escobar Márquez, María Clara González Carrera, Paola del Socorro Moreno Arias, Íngrid Isabel Mora Díaz, Gloria Rocío Bautista Mendoza, Andrea del Pilar Rojas

Evaluation of Osseous Ridge Height of Impacted Canines managed with Orthodontic Treatment and Canines with Natural Eruption

Aura Mercedes Lobo Figueredo, Liliana Alexandra Hernández Díaz, Gloria Cristina Moreno Abello, Iván Orlando Diaz Jaramillo

Evaluation of Changes in Sleep Bruxism Patterns produced by two Types of Thermoformed Retainers

Miryan Fernanda Polanía Castillo, Wilmar Andrés Melo Andrade, Luisa Alejandra Londoño Mejia

Surgical and Orthodontic Management of Central Permanent Incisor Impacted in Ectopic Position: a Case Report

Óscar Gerardo Truque Martínez, María Carolina Longlax Triana, Zita Carolina Bendahan Alvarez, Katherine Ramírez Rodríguez

Basic Sciences, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Isolation and Culture of Postnatal Stem Cells from Deciduous Teeth

Daniela Olávez, Siham Salmen, Karla Padrón, Carmine Lobo, Nancy Díaz, Lisbeth Berrueta, Eduvigis Solorzanio

Dental Education

Dental Master’s Programs Worldwide

María Paulina Pieschacón Gutiérrez, Martha Juliana Rodriguez Gómez, Sonia Constanza Concha Sánchez

Clinical Practice

Public Health and Oral Epidemiology