Adriana Cuervo Monguí

María Constanza Martínez Pastrana

Gretty Marcela Sosa Quiroga

Melissa Hernández Torres

Catalina Latorre Uriza

Francina Escobar Arregocés

Juliana Velosa Porras


Background: There are systemic diseases that are directly related to periodontal disease, so it is necessary to identify them, in order to control them and prevent the worsening of this condition. Objective: To describe the periodontal condition of patients who underwent polysomnographic analysis. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study. The sample included 166 patients with prior polysomnography, who underwent periodontal examination to determine periodontal diagnosis based on the classification of Armitage 1999 and sub-classified according to location. Results: Of the 166 patients evaluated, 99.40 % had periodontal diseases, of which 71.08 % had obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome (OSA), periodontitis 58.4% and gingivitis 36.74 %. The most prevalent periodontal diseases corresponded to 60.39 % of the total sample and gingivitis with preexisting insertion loss, severe chronic periodontitis, and moderate chronic periodontitis affected 41.11 % of patients with the diagnosis of OSA and remaining 19.28 % did not have OSA. Conclusions: The most prevalent diagnosis in patients with polysomnographic examination was generalized gingivitis with preexisting insertion loss. The diagnosis of periodontitis in OSA patients was more related to the presence of local factors. A greater severity of periodontal diagnosis, fewer teeth present in the mouth, increased mobility, greater amount of furcation involvement, less frequent brushing, and higher age.


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Cuervo Monguí, A., Martínez Pastrana, M., Sosa Quiroga, G., Hernández Torres, M., Latorre Uriza, C., Escobar Arregocés, F., & Velosa Porras, J. (2016). Periodontal Status of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Universitas Odontologica, 35(74), 141-158. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.uo35-74.cppa
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