Industrial and systems engineering

Bioengineering and chemical engineering

Niobium carbide coatings produced on tool steels via thermo-reactive diffusion

Fredy Alejandro Orjuela-Guerrero, MSc, John Jairo Olaya-Florez, PhD, José Edgar Alfonso-Orjuela, PhD

Surface treatments of ti-alloy based bone implant manufactured by electrical discharge machining

Nanang Qosim, MSc, Sugeng Supriadi, BSc, Agung Shamsuddin-Saragih, BSc, Yudan Whulanza, PhD

Civil and environmental engineering

Effect of different geographic altitudes on the performance of a conventional solar still with arsenic and boron removal efficiency in an arid zone

Wladimir Antonio Chavez-Yavara, MSc, Betzabé Andrea Torres-Paiva, PhD, Carlos Enrique Zambra-Sazo, PhD