Diego Alberto Moreno Martínez

Paola Natyaly ilva Enríquez

Jairo Ricardo Moyano Acevedo


Background: Chronic pain is a disease with serious consequences for people, physicians, and health care systems. Chronic opioid usage is one of the therapy strategies. Methadone is among the available opioids in Colombia and it is characterized by unique pharmacological properties and increased mortality reports because of overdose and cardiovascular complications. Appropriate monitoring and prescribing patterns of methadone are associated with complications similar to chronic management with other opioids. Aim: To describe methadone prescribing patterns among Colombian pain physicians and compare them to the accepted recommendations by the international scientific community. Materials and Methods: An electronic structured survey was applied to pain specialist physicians identified through major pain study associations and national training programs. Results: Respondents of the survey are mostly experienced university certified physicians and anesthesiologists with clinical training working at university hospitals. Most of them perceive chronic opioid therapy as an effective strategy for pain relief and functional outcomes despite the lack of empirical support. Most of them know clinical practice guidelines but are not applying them despite this matter. Conclusions: We must enhance education for prescribers in order to improve patient safety. The recommended clinical practice guidelines are poorly applied by Colombian doctors. The results of this study must be cautiously assessed.



methadone; prescription drugs; opioid analgesics; chronic pain.

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